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Year 4 were writing information texts about the Wildlife Area. This was part of our work for Science Week.  

What creatures are there?

The wildlife area is mainly about the creatures that eat, sleep, swim or even live there.

There are about 6 peepholes in the fence, so that we can look at the birds, who like peace and quiet, without scaring them away!  There are lots of different pond creatures, for example frogs, tadpoles, fish etc. and many natural creatures.

There are pooters to look at mini-beasts accurately.  (Be careful, don't swallow them!!)  You can't put slugs in the pooter though, because they are sticky and slimy and they will get stuck in the jar! In the pond, there are 2 black fish; they eat wild things like flies or little insects that are around the pond (aaarrrggghh!!!)


Bird watching is fun in our wildlife area, because there are different types and colours of birds and you can see them there.  Pond dipping is great fun, but don't go too near the edge because you can fall in or hurt yourself, because in the middle of the pond it is 1 metre deep.  The nature trail is good because you can see all different insects; in the middle of the trail you can play a game.


In the wildlife area there are locks to stop things getting damaged.  For safety, you lock the gates firmly in case children fall in the pond.  If you lock the gate you would be helping security.  If you forget - Mr Harrison, who is the caretaker, would be really angry and that would tell him that you cannot come in again.


To get to the wildlife area, you have to go on the grass in the back playground, then travel to the north eastern part.  You still won't be able to get in then, because you have to get the wildlife area key from Mr Harrison.

Facts and Figures

The measurements of the wildlife area itself in metres is approximately 20 x 20 m.  Also, the measurement of the pond area is about 7 x 7 metres, and the depth is roughly 1 metre.  Mr Harrison, who is the caretaker, does not actually know the real measurements because he has never bothered to measure it!  The caretaker didn't build the area himself; he got some professional builders to do the big job. Nevertheless, they still built it.  It took 3 - 4 years to build.


Our Willow Tunnel
Mr Harrison (with his helpers) built a willow tunnel which is used to access the new outdoor classroom.