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Investors in Pupils

What is Investors in Pupils?

Investors in Pupils is a whole school approach to enable effective pupil participation and pupil voice across the school community. Much of the award is based around the pupils reflecting on their behaviour and learning through independent and class targets. Displays are found in each classroom and around school to help keep pupils focused and enable visitors to share in the school ethos. Pupils find out about the school budget and the school council are responsible for managing their own budget. Pupils have a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of everyone through school and how they as pupils can make a difference.

The award is focused on five main areas. Throughout school each class has their own agreed mission statement defining the five areas of Investors in Pupils.

Learning: Every pupil has individual personal target that they set themselves. The targets are shared through a creative and individual way to each class.

Classroom Management: The pupils are involved in setting a whole class target which is displayed in each classroom. Celebration stars acknowledge the success of the whole class and the progress they have made.

Attendance: Attendance is of high profile throughout school, displays and assemblies celebrate the continued success of all pupil’s attitudes and commitment to our whole school attendance target.

Behaviour: The children take responsibility for their behaviour in their learning and are aware of the consistent high expectations throughout school. Each member of the school community plays a part in celebrating the pupils positive behaviour through the use of class Dojo points and Good News Jars.

Induction: Each class has their own class handbook which explains the rules and routines of the class,this includes photographs of key members of staff including midday supervisors and class governors. In addition to the class handbook the school Council have been responsible in producing an induction DVD to support any new pupils or adults to school. At the end of each academic year pupils complete pupil passport booklets to support the transition into their new classes.