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Thank you for choosing our school.

Barnby Dun Primary is a happy, welcoming, vibrant school where everyone is valued and respected.  Our pupils are encouraged and praised so they feel confident in their abilities, know how to succeed and have aspirational goals, aiming for high standards to be the best they can be.

We want to ensure your child thoroughly enjoys their time with us and takes forward many happy memories.  At Barnby Dun we aim to make learning as fun, meaningful and innovative as possible so children make their very best progress.

Children, staff, pupils and Governors work together to create a safe and stimulating learning environment, where all children grow academically, morally and socially.

We have a well-established, highly motivated and dedicated staff who are forward thinking, driven and passionate about educating and caring for children.

I hope you find the information on our website a useful introduction to our school and your child enjoys many happy, fulfilling years with us.  We look forward to working in partnership with you.

Miss C.E. Robinson - Head Teacher

We are extremely proud to have recently achieved our reaccreditation as an 'Investors in Pupils' school.



  • July 2022 - 'Good' (Link to 2022 report)  ' 'Most pupils are fascinated by the subjects they study. They especially enjoy gaining new knowledge about the past, great thinkers and creators and different places. Pupils are keen to succeed. They also know that 'they may make mistakes, which helps them to learn'... Over the past year, and following the previous inspection, leaders and staff have successfully improve many aspects of the school... Senior leaders and subject leaders have developed a very ambitious curriculum. It enables pupils and children in early years, to gain new knowledge and understand big concepts. Pupils can apply their knowledge meaningfully across a broad range of subjects... Behaviour in class is impressive. Pupils enjoy school and their attendance is high.'
  • July 2021 'Good' (Link to 2021 report)
  • July 2016 'Good' (Link to 2016 report)
  • Feb 2012 'Good' (Link to 2012 report)